affiliate marketing strategies

Which affiliate marketing strategies should be used in 2022?

As we have the pleasure to report in our blog, affiliate marketing is experiencing a real explosion in the world market. But what are the best affiliate marketing strategies to use in 2022? Let’s try to clarify it together, addressing, point by point, the most profitable techniques.

Recommend only services that you know well

Building trust with your audience is crucial in affiliate marketing, and the quickest way to lose trust is to recommend services you’ve never used before or that aren’t a good fit for your audience.

Next, make sure you never tell anyone to buy a service directly. Don’t overdo the call to action, but use a few well targeted ones, recommending the service but without generating too much pressure on the user. The more useful you are and the more quality you recommend, the more likely your web visitors will return for your expertise.

Promote the products of many different operators

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you only promote the services of one gaming operator, you’ll end up stuck with its commissions, its landing pages, and ultimately its conversion rates. Instead, it’s important to work with many different operators in your niche and promote a wide range of different services. This affiliate marketing strategy will diversify the amount of your commissions and create a steady stream of revenue.

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Constantly test and optimize conversion rates

Suppose you have a promotions page where you promote a service via affiliate links. If you currently get 5,000 visits/month at a 2% conversion rate, you have 100 referrals. To get to 200 referrals, you can focus on getting 5,000 more visitors or simply increase your conversion rate to 4%. Which sounds easier to you?

Probably, the second opportunity, which is to increase the conversion rate by another 2%. This may include optimizing the landing page, testing call-to-actions adopting an even more varied and diverse conversion rate optimization strategy.

Focus on analysing traffic sources

It’s important to know where your traffic is coming from and what the demographics of your audience are. In fact, this will allow you to tailor your messaging so that you can provide the best recommendations on the affiliate services you are offering.
You should not only focus on the vertical you are in, but on the traffic sources and the audience that is visiting your site. Traffic sources can include organic, paid, social media, display, email or direct traffic.

You can view traffic source data in Google Analytics to see things like time on page, bounce rate, geographic location, age, gender, time of day, devices (mobile vs. desktop), and more, so you can focus your efforts on traffic that has a higher conversion rate. This analytics data is critical to making informed decisions, increasing conversion rates, and boosting affiliate sales.