clash of clans

Clash of Clans, the growing popularity

Clash of clans need not be mentioned anymore. Being incredibly popular, it is more like a powerhouse of an application. Getting back to the year 2012 when the COC was released, it was known for dominating the iPhone store.

Ever since in history, COC has been a title that was super fast in capturing the Number 1 title of the overall highest-grossing apps.

Everything you should know about Clash Of Clans

Through the battle, every time you win, you will be getting a trophy which would resemble your advancement in the rankings.

However, on the other hand, when you lose a battle, you are compelled to give up a portion of your trophies that you have won.

Well, this situation depends somewhat on your opponent and whether or not he or she is lower than you in terms of ranking.

Say, if your opponent is less experienced, an upset denotes that you will be losing a greater number of trophies proportionally on winning.

On the contrary, if you are an underdog, you have a chance of earning a higher number of trophies from the game provided that you are eager to take up more risks.

The first few battles of clash of clans come up with AI technology, which is easy-peasy. All you need is to build enough Barbarians in order to overrun the Goblin hideout.

Consequently, you can consider watching them apart.

Brick by brick

Here, you need to keep running against an enemy barricade along with a few cannons or a big chunky wall. Therein, you would find that your archers have been too busy in plundering the resources.

On upgrading your barracks, one can easily choose to smash through the walls but using a well-placed bomb. Strategy making is an integral segment of this game.

Sophistication is definitely another part of it! You need to segment the elements that you need to focus upon during the course of your gameplay.

Besides, you need to consider where and when you will have to deploy the troops.

Also, an implementation of aerial units along with the cannons makes a lot of sense! Certainly, these are the things that you gradually get to know as you are raided by a real-life player as your opponent.

Coming home to Clash Of Clans

There shall be continuous pressure on you about formulating better defenses. Also, a player needs to master the deadly forms of attack that keeps on coming back again and again.

Coming to the system prospects, it’s absolutely quick to boot. The loading process gets the resetting done in a while, as simple as if you are getting to the home screen of your iPhone and then get back into the game all over again!

Talking about the other prospects of the game, Clash of Clans has never been attractive in terms of the design and look of the interface.

The presentation is carried forward through the isometric 2D stage, and the number of frames used during the animation is not much!