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Best Cities for Food in Nigeria

Looking to satisfy your hunger? Here are the cities in Nigeria where you can get the best food.

Who does not love food? Everybody loves delicious food, and there are countless varieties of cuisines across the world and Nigeria is one of the places where you can get an exciting food experience with jaw-dropping tastes that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Whether you are traveling or a local, you need to check out these exotic places that we will talk about in this article.

Food culture in Nigeria is growing and intuitive cuisines that one should definitely try. There are many restaurants established in the country, and I will help you where you can get the best food in the cities of Nigeria.

Following are the best cities for food in Nigeria

#1 Lagos

Lagos is the best and the most popular place for getting some delicious food, including their traditional cuisines. Lagos is very populated, which means that the city will definitely have a very active food culture.

One of the most popular restaurants for the best food in Lagos is Villa Medici, and it is a tourist hotspot. The restaurant is popular for European cuisine with exciting food from French cultures like the frog legs and escargots. Jazzhole is also a great place where you can eat fine food.

#2 Ibadan

Ibadan is a place where you have many options to satisfy your appetite. There are many restaurants which serve cuisines from other countries and with their own delicacies touch. Ibachi is a popular place for Chinese cuisines. The place is highly rated, and the environment is hygienic and clean to give you the best experience.

#3 Abuja

Abuja consists of popular restaurants where you can find African cuisines and European influenced food. You can also expect a mixture of various tribal food with diversity. The restaurants here are highly rated; A great spot for satisfying your appetite with their specialized cuisines for lunch and dinner.

#4 Lekki

Another great city for food. Lekki is located on the east side of Lagos City. The food here is definitely something to try out. You will get exotic retro bars where you can have a hangout with friends or go on a date. On the other hand, the diversity of food can be witnessed here. You will have a unique experience in each restaurant that is available in this city.

#5 Port Harcourt

The Red Coral, JevinikRestaurant, and spice route are some of the best restaurants in Port Harcourt. This city is full of food that brings in various cultural cuisines from all around the world, including Indian and Chinese. The restaurants here have positive reviews. The place also has comfortable and nearby accommodation at a reasonable price.

Food in the cities of Nigeria is not in the limelight when it comes to global charts, but that does not mean that they are bad. You will definitely have a great experience here, and if you want to get the authentic experience that the locals have, then you should visit these cities for the best food.