Snow Blowers

Best rated Snow Blowers – Tips to purchase and best picks

The people belonging to the North-Eastern states would probably be knowing the hassles of snow better. However, people are not made to move the snow, but this blizzard thing could be made easier than ever if you have the right snow thrower with you!

Best Snow Blowers To Choose In 2019

With so many distinct styles and varieties available, here we bring the best models so that you do not have to risk again this winter.

Before you make the purchase, have a look at our top picks, and you would probably prevent your money to go in vain. Happy reading!

Briggs & Stratton 1696619 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower with 250cc Engine and Electric Start

This comes with a 27 inches wide clearing path. Besides, it has got a 20-inch clearing height so as to ensure effective clearance of snow.

It comprises of a push-button electric start for effortless removal of heavy snowfalls along with an on panel deflector control.

For people worrying about heavy snow conditions, this product could be a savior for you since it comes with a friction disc transmission that assured easy cleaning of snow from the pavement.

Besides, it comes with Steel Reversible Skid Shoes that make plowing easily.

Also, it has got a steel frame, chute and notched auger, which is meant to settle things at ease. Not just this, the durable aluminum gearbox is meant for longer-lasting of the product.

Briggs & Stratton 1696614 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower with 208cc Engine and Electric Start

It is a medium-duty dual-stage snow thrower and comes with a 24-inch wide clearing path along with a 20 inches intake height.

It comes with a free hand control that enables you to drive the snow off with one hand and controlling the system with the other.

It even comes with a dash-mounted chute rotation and an on-panel chute deflector. All these features are meant to make it easier for an operator to remove the unwanted snow from the yard.

Also, it comes with a 208cc engine features 9.5 foot-pounds of gross torque. It is easy to handle and ensures effective cleaning with the least hassle.

Tips to note:

Lastly, before you actually pick up an item, consider the compactness, size, specifications, and all other features.

Once you are certain about which one to choose, you will be able to fetch the best of the deals.

Take note whether the product you are choosing is a single-stage, double stage or a three-stage model, post which you should also focus on the power steering control, Auto chute rotation, and chute pitch controls.

Apart from that, you should also be keeping a note of the availability of the plastic chutes over steel and the presence of headlights.

Besides, prefer airless tires as they are actually helpful in removing the snow in a hassle-free manner and enduring the fact that the blower will be able to drive straight.